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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I design my shirt online?

At Cutasu, we provide you with a real time customization experience so you can choose as few or as many details of your shirt. Simply click on the detail you want to change and choose your style. For example, click on collars to choose from the pointed collar or spread collar that best suits your style. Click here to design now!

2. I don’t know my measurements. Help!

At Cutasu, we use our newly developed technology and our carefully researched innovative algorithm to get you your perfectly fitting shirt.

Upon creating your online profile with us, answer just four questions based on your body type and preferred fit and our algorithm will find your measurement. We also provide standard sizes from 38 to 46.

3. What is body measurement and shirt measurement?

Body measurement refers to the exact size of your body. Shirt measurements are the measurements of your body along with a few extra inches to allow room for movement and breathing. Our suggestions for the margins are as below:

  • Chest/ Waist/ Hips - between 3"-5", depending on how comfortable or fitted you like your shirt
  • Biceps - between 2"-3"
  • Cuffs - 2.5"

4. How will you ensure quality?

CUTASU boasts of an unparalleled fabric selection sourced directly from suppliers around the globe. We check and re-check the quality of our fabric bales with special care. Our trims, accessories and linings are carefully chosen to compliment your fabric. Fabrics are pre washed, dry cleaned and steam pressed before being shipped.
The shirts themselves are cut, tailored and finished by the most experienced masters. In case of an ill-fitting or defective garment, you can always return the shirt to us and the first alteration is free.

5. Will my shirt shrink?

We pre-wash all fabrics at Cutasu, minimising the chances of shrinking. However, each fabric comes with specific care instructions attached to the care label that must be followed.

6. Where does Cutasu deliver to?

We try our utmost to reach all corners of the country. Cutasu is pan India. For domestic orders, our shipping is free. We work extra hard and fast to make and ship your order within 7 days of the order being accepted.

7. What is the Cutasu cancellation/refund policy?

Cutasu is like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, that means that once the system starts, nothing can be changed. This includes your measurements and choices in the shirt. Changing any part of the order will also force us to stop our process and re-start which will cause a delay in your order tailoring and shipping. Our policy doesn't allow any cancellation or refunds on cancellation.

8. Why should I create an account?

Since the shirts we create for you are custom fit, we would like to save your measurements and preferences so that the next time you log in, your fitting will already be perfect and all you have to do is design your shirt. We also save your cards and addresses so the process of shopping becomes a click-and-go experience for you.

9. How is the pricing calculated?

The prices of each article differs. Each fabric has a price calculated by the weave, complexity, finishing and fibres. Each article displays the price so that you know what your total cost before you check out.

10. My shirt doesn’t fit. How can I get this corrected?

If there's been an issue with your sizing, we will always work with you to get it right to the extent possible on the shirt(s) in question.
At any point of time, you can write to us at support@cutasu.com stating your order number and the issue. The first alteration is free. In case of sending back the garment for alteration, please attach the order number. If you think sending a shirt you love will help us with the sizing, you can always send us the sample.

11. What is the Cutasu return policy?

At Cutasu, the products we create are fit to order, made to your needs and measurements. This is why we strictly do not accept any returns. We take utmost care to ensure that there are no fitting issues, design errors or fabric defects. Although highly unlikely, due to our frequent and random checks, in case of an issue from our side (such as fabric defects) the garment must be returned within 15 days of the order reaching the client. In case of a defect with fitting, we offer the 1st alteration free. The discretion to accept or reject a return/alteration plea lies with Cutasu.

12. How long will the alteration order take?

Once the package reaches us, we'll take care of the rest. All requests take 5 days from the date of receipt. We’ll do our best to get the product to you at the earliest.