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  • Works best for both formal and casual day wear paired with contrasting trousers.
  • For those who want to have the taste of both half sleeves and full sleeves.
  • Best suited in summers for both formal and casual wear.
  • Evening wear and cocktails are where you wear this collar pairing it with a suitable neck tie or even a bow.
  • Best suited for formal and evening occasion paired with single knot ties.
  • Savvy dressers hoping to make an entrance in bureaucratic circles needn't look any further.
  • A generous choice for casual outings with all the customizations we offer to go with it.
  • Forget ties, bows, all formal attire when you opt in for this collar.
  • An elegant choice of collar when is comes to any formal occasion.
  • This unique fashion asset will make you a hit, at the office and lounge both.
  • A sophisticated choice when it comes to collars, the button down is best suited for a casual or semi formal setting.
  • Ideally suited for the single knot, this collar is a hit in the corporate wardrobe.
  • Use this design to your advantage when you head out, switching your usual tie for something a tad slimmer.
  • This collar is best worn on formal occasions under a suit with double knot tie or casually over the weekend.
  • The wing collar looks lethal in white with the black jacket affectionately called "the penguin suit".
  • Originally a must have for cocktail dos, the Milano Club makes the cut for a more subdued evening as well.
  • A casual look for work or a weekend brunch, just opt for a slim tie or go natural.
Cuffs Type
  • One-button cuffs are a little subtler. Use this cuff for a less formal look.
  • The longer, more formal cuff contains two buttons and comes with an option for using cufflinks.
  • Twin buttons. It combines the elegance of the French cuff with the ease of the buttons.
  • French₹150.00
    The father of formal dressing, the French cuffs are stately, formal as well as dressy.
  • One-button cuffs are a little subtler and shorter in length. Use this cuff for a casual look.
Cuffs Finish
  • Traditional but most used. 1.25 inch plackets form clean lines and give the wearer a sharp look.
  • Similar to a regular placket but about a quarter of an inch narrower. For clean geometric lines, choose this placket.
  • A button front shirt without a separate placket. Choose this for a no holds kind of look.
  • A concealed placket will have an extra layer of fabric to conceal the buttons from view once the shirt has been buttoned.
Pocket Type
  • A regular pocket with a U shape ending. This is the most common pocket and adds an informal look to your shirt.
  • A pocket with a parallel to the ground finishing. The ends of the pockets are a straight line, aligned to the length of the sides.
  • Slightly smaller than the round pocket, the angled pockets have a cut and straight ending, giving it an edge and distinctive look.
  • A pocket with a surprise ending in a V shape. This pocket adds to your design outlook, giving you fashion cred
  • Rounded
    For a natural look, curved hems provide extra length for the posterior region and give comfort.
  • Tail
    Shirt tail hems are significantly longer in the back than the front.
  • Straight
    Chosen mostly when the shirt is not meant to be tucked in.
Back Details
  • None
    Tailored shirts, unlike off the rack shirts, usually do not need any pleats or darts.
  • Box
    Two darts placed at the centre for more freedom to move/alter the shirt in the future.
  • Side
    Single pleats placed at the side of the shirt, between the center back and the armhole.
  • Darts
    Can be used as a function to provide better fit or as a design detail without any function.
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